Of Baby Steps, Visitors, and The Rain

March 28, 2014

There are potentially big moves on the horizon, but I’m not feeling the weight of them yet. Taking baby steps, again. A ride on my bike past a certain block here, some inquiries there, a quick casual meeting. Slowly, deliberately, and I can stop anytime I feel uncomfortable. No Tablecloth Trick moves for me, not right now.

Janelle came to visit last week and it was lovely; we started off the five-day stint in the hotbox at Le Bon Temps to see one of my favorites, The Soul Rebels. It’s a hot, smoky, sweaty hell of a dance party, a really great time all around. We did a whole range of New Orleans things, from the Carousel Bar to a Second Line to chatting up cute boys who take their dogs to bars. And some guy dubbed us “Yum-Yummy and Delicious”. We’re still trying to figure out who’s who.


Then last night and this morning, I got to spend a few hours with The Fabulous Kate McKinnon. In describing our friendship to The Boyfriend, I told him how Kate and I see each other for a few hours every year or two, almost never in the same city. It’s true. We missed each other in Barcelona and Paris the last couple of years, but I’m sure next time it will be someplace equally stellar.


Kate and Bayley, glowing in the morning light


I’m suffering from a bit of free-floating anxiety today, and I’m blaming it on the barometric pressure. The rain is doing her worst; it has poured down, diagonally, and sideways in bucketfuls. I’ve been soaked through twice today, despite only having an eight-block bicycle commute. But I wouldn’t expect less from weather that maintains its own social media presence (Twitter: @NOLArain).

Mostly though, I’m at peace, and I’m hearing it shows. Four months in New Orleans today. That was the whole point.




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