Como Tu Decías

January 1, 2014

My parents had quite a few New Year’s Eve traditions / superstitions, I can’t even remember them all. There was something about grapes; grapes were eaten in the hours leading up to midnight, but something about that makes me feel it was more about snacking than anything else real.

Some of the things from when we were kids we take with us and others we ignore. I do remember my Mother used to say that the way you bring in the New Year sets the tone for the incoming year itself. Because of this, on New Year’s Eve we had to clean our rooms and make sure everything was tidy before we left the house to join some family party that our parents dragged us to.

Another thing Mom made us do was grab our suitcases after midnight and run down the street and around the corner with them. This was supposed to bring lots of travel in the new year. Midnight would strike, and we would hug and kiss everyone in the room, and then she would give us the eye and we would grab our bags, run outside, and down the street dragging our suitcases behind us.I’m sure we were making quite the racket, and what a sight it must have been to see my mother, then me, then my little brother, all running down a city street to the corner, like a family that was late for a flight that wasn’t there.

Tonight, I applied a little bit of her logic when the clock struck midnight. I was holding a fistful of cash in one hand and a cocktail in the other, and hugged and kissed my new friends. I got caught up with bar patrons and suddenly I remembered. I ran behind the bar, grabbed my tote bag, told anyone listening, “be right back, I gotta take care of a New Year’s thing”, threw my bag over my shoulder, took a left out of the bar and ran down to Royal Street. I’m certain it didn’t look out of place at all in the midst of the hubub of activity in the French Quarter. 

Happy New Year. See a little more of your world in 2014. Maybe I’ll see you out there.