Gratitude unlocks…

November 29, 2013

Love this little card; it was one of the last things I packed and one of the first I unpacked. I love keeping it close as a reminder.

Here’s to remembering how lucky we are and how much we have.




November 24, 2013


My apartment, she’s a little like a ghost right now. I walk through rooms and only find white walls and wood floors. The clock I forgot to take off the bathroom wall ticks, ticks, and echoes through the apartment, a second hand that was already too loud amplified several times over.

I go to drop things into wastebaskets that aren’t there anymore, reach into places for things that no longer exist in that space.

Four more sleeps, and Bayley and I are off to start our next chapter.

It’s been a long time, if ever, that I’ve done anything this big and impactful simply because I want to and my soul draws me to it; there is no love interest I’m doing it for, no promised job or venture. In talking to people and explaining my motivations, I realize that it’s not only me but it’s just rare overall for someone to follow their heart’s calling this directly.

Most people have been really encouraging, so much in fact that the conversation often takes a bit of a surreal turn:

“So – you don’t know anyone there?”

“Very few people, some very new friends. I just love it there.”

“And, you have a job already?”

“Not yet.”

“That’s AMAZING!”

Part of me thinks people are having a good chuckle and the “Holy shit, she’s lost it…” discussion behind my back, which would be perfectly fine.

My little abode awaits, as does the city I’ve fallen so deeply in love with that I’ve finally packed my most cherished belongings and my furry sidekick because I need to see what happens when I unite person, place, and things I adore.

Let’s go.



Redmoon: Boneshaker

November 3, 2013

I attended Redmoon’s Boneshaker, a wild costume party event spectacle that promised among other things visual delights, fire, and the musical stylings of Mucca Pazza. It did not disappoint.

From wine bikes to kegways (Segways with kegs) to gorgeous ghouls feeding you s’mores like some sort of dark communion ritual: I’m in.