The opening chords to this have been in my head all day.


One of my closest lost her father today, very suddenly. When we spoke this morning, her grief and shock were palpable, the easy transition between giggles and tears, I recognized it well. My heart hurts for her. My brain struggles to comprehend how so many shitty fathers remain while the good ones are taken too soon.

The passage of time is the hardest part of so many things.

And yet: he was there one moment, gone the next, no drawn out pain or debilitating illness, not laid up in a hospital, watching the damn football game, he went doing something that he loved.

Easier for him; harder for those left behind.

I went to see Henry Rollins do his spoken word act a couple of weeks back, and he spoke for a moment about grief. I can’t remember the exact words, but he was trying to say that it was much more difficult than we imagine, than we even realize; how the sheer fact that your arm doesn’t fall off and shatter surprises you, because it all hurts so badly.

Hold your people a little closer tonight.